Our 34th year of ministry

December 2, 2014

As a child I was thrilled to hear missionary hymns sung. Two of my favorites were,
“From Greenland’s Icy Mountains” and “Speed Away”. Here is the third stanza of the first song ,”Can we, whose souls are lighted with wisdom from on high, Can we to men benighted The lamp of life deny? Salvation! Oh Salvation! The joyful sound proclaim, Till each remotest nation Has learnt Messiah’s name.”
My little heart was very much concerned about the many people throughout the world who did not know Jesus or anything about Him. But, today there are even more who do not know Jesus name. I was called by the Lord in 1952 at ten years of age to write tracts and make tapes. Twenty-eight years later this call became an active reality.

The distribution of our tracts and materials spread rapidly at first among truck drivers and prisoners. The distribution also spread very fast through many African countries. (At present materials are in more than 30 countries.) Our 20 tracts were translated into Spanish in 1985. This opened the door to supply tracts in Central and South American countries. Requests also came from several Pacific Islands and India. At present we have tracts in more than 60 countries with the newest being Portugal Seven of the tracts have been translated into Portuguese. These tracts have also been distributed in several South American countries along with Portugal. At this time we are approximately 4 months behind in our English requests.

The other song mentioned is, “Speed Away”, “Speed away, speed away! Take the gospel of light to the lands that are wrapped in the darkness of night.” We are grateful for the cars, trucks, buses and planes that are taking our materials to many lands. Our prayer for them is, ”SPEED AWAY!”

Cassette tapes with messages, testimonies and music have been included in our tract shipments. Tape distribution in this country has been greatly reduced, but the response to the tapes from other countries has been very good. As stated in previous newsletters, we are no longer accepting used tapes for reusing. We feel that ones that are sent to other countries should be new ones. Recently several tape ministries who have closed sent us their new and used tapes. Most of these are recorded with Spanish material and sent to a mission in Texas who distributes them in remote areas in Mexico.

Due to extremely high postal costs our mail from Africa has decreased. But we are receiving requests by E-mail for large amounts of our materials.
With the Ebola outbreak in West Africa we feel an additional burden to send materials there. We have many contacts from past letters and ones we have recently received that we could send tracts to. These tracts would be in English.

We thank those of you who have contributed to this ministry in the past. We are also grateful for your notes of encouragement.

Board Members-
Raymond Brunk, President
David Schrock, Vice-President
Vernon Graber, Treasurer
Reba Brunk, Secretary
Jonathan Lee

Please note that all of the staff are volunteer workers.

Current Ministry Needs~
Many tracts in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and
Chichewa and Swahili for African countries.
(Cost for 50,000 tracts $1,050, Postage approx. $1,700
Funds for postage (We save approx. $3.00 per pound for overseas mail using
a private mail service.)

Excerpts from letters-
From Nigeria-“I was Moslem born and bred in the Moslem way. The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ which you preached through your tracts that I came across and read has helped to transform my life from darkness to light. I would be very grateful if you can support me in prayers. Become my mentor. I want you to equip me and teach me to the glory of God.”
From Nigeria- “I wondered away from the right path. But today it was a miracle as I found one of your tracts. (Jesus Said, Behold I stand at the door and knock) Tears ran down my eyes. I was broken. I am in need of your help, both in prayers and whichever way you can. Please send materials like tracts, books and Bibles. Time is running out. The Lord’s return is at hand.”

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